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Flower Power 

WHAT IT IS: SOAR’s Youth Flower Power program capitalizes on our strengths-based, community grassroots model of providing next generation leaders with the opportunity to create, run, and lead their own programs which best reflect them as a team and the needs of their unique communities.

With team names such as The Hope Florists and The Togetherness Team, the youth teams immediately take to Flower Power as if it is theirs to grow -- And that's the entire intention.  We create an environment in which the team has all of the materials, training, and safety measures needed to launch and grow a sustainable program.  We provide suggestions and gentle guidance while letting them use their natural talents and aptitudes in collaboration and leadership to create positive change in their own communities. 


CONTACT us at to learn more about your school, organization, or community starting a Youth Flower Power Team.  

BENEFITS: The students are taught about the cathartic nature of flowers to spark engagement and combat loneliness, while also learning about SOAR's commitment to one of its core values of creating an environmentally responsible Flower Rescue  Program model.  SOAR fills a gap in the supply chain of flower sales, ensuring flowers that can no longer be sold, along with their packaging, circulate back out to the community. Learn more about SOAR's Flower Rescue Program.

RECIPIENTS: SOAR team members help students navigate the choice of recipients of their arrangements and efforts by connecting them with existing SOAR recipient partners as well as creating new relationships with recipients per the Youth Flower Power team's own mission to serve those contending with loneliness and/or social isolation. 


SAFETY MEASURES: SOAR collaborates with school personnel and agency management to ensure strict HIPAA policies, training protocols, and safety measures are followed when introducing Youth teams the Floer Power program itself as well as new environments and locations for gifting arrangements if they would like to engage in the gifting and social connection process. 


A SOAR team members is always represented while youth are engaging with recipient partners to ensure all necessary training is executed safely and seamlessly with the youths feeling confident and comfortable delivering to and socializing with recipients.  The youths practice role playing and break down potential scenarios with the SOAR team leaders to ensure they feel most confident when addressing those with significant life and health challenges.

CONTACT us at to learn more about your school, organization, or community starting a Youth Flower Power Team.  

A HUGE thank you to our Flower Power Partners. Please help support them as they support our communities:



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The electric aspect of SOAR is when we give our younger generation the reins on Flower Power and watch their tremendous capacity to naturally and empathically create change as those who know precisely how it feels to be both lonely and isolated.  We are the glue that binds, the cog in the wheel for their brilliant creations and on-hand to help them naturally become next generation leaders....

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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