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SOAR Services

WHAT ARE THEY: SOAR’s services include paid workshops provided to corporate teams, friends & family groups, and private organizations with annual budgets that include enrichment and recreational programming. 


WHO BENEFITS: The benefits inherent in SOAR's immersive, educational, and spiritually-fulfilling workshops are  undeniable, with attendees experiencing joy, connection, and an uplifting sense of belonging to a cohesive movement bringing about positive social change. 


The epidemic of loneliness and social isolation we are experiencing as a country (and around the world) is a social and health epidemic which can be healed through measured, thoughtful, systematic means coupled with a unique, personal approach infused with positive, spiritual uplift -- this is SOAR's trademark.     


SOAR's specific model of program delivery centers on ensuring each and every aspect of a SOAR workshop is filled with equal parts education, purpose, connection, and most importantly, a lasting sense of togetherness which impacts attendees' future interactions as they head out the door -- this leads to individual and community healing and the ending of this epidemic one positive social engagement at a time.       

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