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In-Home Flower Power 

WHAT IT IS: SOAR's In-Home Flower Power program delivery is flexible to best meet the needs of individuals and their caregivers, including scheduled visits to those in palliative care/hospice, home healing from surgery or medical diagnosis, adult with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and/or family caregivers. The In-Home Flower Power Program includes scheduled social visits with individuals and/or family caregivers along with flower arrangement deliveries or time spent creating arrangements (which are delivered to others at-risk of loneliness and social isolation as part of SOAR's Social Engagement Ecosystem Model).


SOAR's In-Home Flower Power Program is co-designed and led by SOAR Together Founder, Ginger Smith (MSW), and Cheryl Bundy (Certified Chaplain and Minister) as a non-denominational community ministry outreach program. 

BENEFITS:  SOAR's In-Home Flower Power Program is integral to its mission of community ministry and emphasis on providing individuals at all life stages with social engagement, dignity, and purpose while also providing respite and social engagement for family caregivers.  


Individuals who are in their homes are oftentimes lifelong gardeners and/or enjoy flowers, colors, and the visceral reminder of time spent with and around them.  Whether an integral part of their lives or not, the cathartic nature of flowers along with visits to increase social engagement help uplift spirits. 


Participants help determine recipients of their arrangements, providing opportunities for participants to feel a sense of purpose through continued service to their community. 

CONTACT: Email SOAR's Founder, Ginger Smith, directly at to inquire about this service so we can best meet and arrange for your unique needs. 

Thank you to our Flower Rescue Program Partners. Please support them as they support our communities:



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SOAR Together's In-Home Flower Power Program is in many ways the most powerful program for me and the deepest expression of what I want SOAR to be for our community.  It is SOAR's non-denominational community ministry in-action, and asks us all to pause and reflect on the soul-deep desire of individuals to lead lives of purpose and belonging.  We each have something so beautiful and unique to bring to this world to help end loneliness and isolation. We all win when we redefine what "purpose" means to and for others. My deepest wish is for SOAR to be part of the ministry of belonging in our extended community."   

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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