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Social Engagement Ecosystem


SOAR’s Purpose-Driven Model: Social Engagement Ecosystem


SOAR Together’s programmatic model couples the well-documented, direct correlation between positive social engagement and lower levels of loneliness/social isolation with a deeper mission of increasing intergenerational and cross-cultural connections to address systemic change necessary for a lasting reversal of this devastating social/health epidemic.  SOAR provides individuals receiving health and/or social services (and most often contending with loneliness and social isolation themselves) with unique and creative programming resulting in a greater sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, and newly-formed social connections with those from varying age ranges, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and life aptitudes and experiences. 

"We're in it Together" and "Be a Spark" are two mantras oft-used at SOAR.  Today's reality is that most people know what it feels like to struggle with loneliness, social isolation, or a crippling combination of the two (Read more here about Loneliness and Social Isolation ).  The SOAR team feels passionately that empathic feelings of understanding inherently make for the right individuals to help move our mission forward.  Serving others has proven time and again to positively correlate to uplifted moods and increased self-esteem, and to do while also healing oneself is an exponential win-win in a beautiful and spiritual way, though also significantly measurable. 


It's a simple model in terms of execution and delivery with complex outcomes in terms of healing on the part of the giver and receiver.  Those in cancer treatment making arrangements to deliver to shelters for those facing housing insecurity?  Absolutely.  Kids feeling socially isolated in school settings putting flower arrangements together to go out for a weekly delivery to a skilled nursing facility or to those in their own families and neighborhoods?  Again, the answer is Absolutely.  


Through SOAR’s Flower Power Program current recipients of health and social services, such as those on hospice and in cancer treatment, help create Flower Power arrangements which are delivered to others in their communities.  For those most commonly the recipients of services and goods, this profound opportunity to creatively express themselves and feel purposeful as integral to the solution for an epidemic helps boost confidence, a sense of self and belonging, and directly-correlative, elevated life and health outcomes ensue.

SOAR Together has already begun measuring impacts and early outcomes from our year-one programming, which is showing positive results while helping create baselines for ongoing analysis and reporting.


I have personally witnessed the eradicating of this painful epidemic EVERY SINGLE DAY since we delivered the first Flower Power arrangements in June.  I have watched, witnessed, and felt the sparks flying, the smiles generated, the changed outcomes in those we have been visiting for over 6 months (and those whom we met just yesterday).  This isn't complicated, but it is hard work and takes us being our most authentic selves and asking others to step up, lean in, and do the same.

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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