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Social Seats

WHAT IT IS: SOAR’s Social Seats simultaneously supports individuals living with social isolation and loneliness while helping the hospitality industry and their hardworking employees who often contend with feelings of loneliness given time away from loved ones and financial duress.  The Social Seats program model centers on conversational engagement for those who need assistance with prompted, facilitated social engagement, along with respite conversation for caregivers in attendance.  A SOAR staff member is on-hand to engage those who need assistance with positive, uplifting conversation while a second staff or trained volunteer provide respite opportunity for caregiver attendees.


BENEFITS:  As we point to time and again, the known cure for loneliness and social isolation is positive social engagement.  Each of SOAR's programs is specifically-designed to engage, uplift, and leave a lasting imprint on attendees such that their increased sense of self and belonging translates to future interactions with others, hence an exponential outcome for each social connection. 


Increased mood, elevated levels of confidence, and occupational skills of conversation with newly-met individuals and mealtime etiquette are all measurable benefits of a SOAR Social Seats gathering.

HOW IT WORKS: SOAR's individual and corporate sponsors support seats at the tables, providing opportunities for social connection and wonderful meals at no cost to attendees.  Learn more about Ways to Support SOAR.


If you would like to sponsor a Social Seats breakfast or dinner gathering, email

A HUGE thank you to our Social Seats Sponsors. Please support them as they support and connect our communities:

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