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PODCAST: Let's Talk About Togetherness
SOAR Together Founder, Ginger Smith, hosts community members as they reflect on Togetherness.

SOAR began its fore into podcasting in December 2023  with a new series entitled, "Let's Talk About Togetherness" hosted by the SOAR Together Founder, Ginger Smith, during which she interviews community members to help shed light on ways individuals, families, and communities are facing and actively addressing loneliness and social isolation to help reduce epidemic levels and bring about necessary changes in health and well-being.


Interviews are centered on two questions and a reflection:

1) Do you ever feel lonely?

2) Do you have actionable tips for others contending with feelings of loneliness and the realities of social isolation?

3) Talk to us about the word "Togetherness" and what it evokes in you/means to you.

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