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"Share The Love" DIY Kits


🌻  A bucket of colorful, refreshed stems, 4 You Are Loved cups, 2 food packets, and 1 convenient carrier delivered to your doorstep or available for pick-up for a suggested donation of $25 per kit.                  


🌸  Enjoy the immersive experience of Flower Power with friends and family, whether at home or as an uplifting activity for a loved one in a hospital, assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care setting.  Also great for visits to those away at schools and universities as a joy-filled activity with reminders of home, beautiful arrangements to decorate dorm rooms, and those to gift roommates and friends.  The cathartic creating fills your soul while the gifting of love to others provides positive outcomes for both.

❤️  Email to get a kit and start sparking the love through your creativity and kindness 


  • Each Flower Power arrangement has the capacity to spark a smile and change a life. Flowers are viscerally uplifting, evoke memories, and bring smiles to everyone who spends time around them and receives them. SOAR's signature phrase, "You Are Loved" is inked on each cup, a message specifically chosen to infuse all of those who read the phrase as arrangement creator or recipient.

  • The meaning of time spent together as a group is tremendous, with a shared sense of belonging and purpose, both with positive health correlations for attendees. Both creators and recipients of Flower Power arrangements feel a reduction in loneliness and social isolation. 

  • Increased social bonding with deeper relationship roots is a natural and measured outcome when family and friend groups are provided time to give back together.


A HUGE thank you to SOAR's Partners.  Please help support them as they support our communities:

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The electric aspect of SOAR is when we give others the reins on Flower Power and watch their tremendous capacity to naturally and empathically create change  for individuals and communities.  We are the glue that binds, the cog in the wheel for brilliant creations and the sharing of connection and love that is making social change happen before our eyes.

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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