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Gathering In Groups 

SOAR’s online and in-person classes are referred to in-short as “GIGS” (Gathering In Groups), as it's way more fun to say and we always aim for our classes to feel like playing in a band than classroom learning. They are held throughout each week from Mondays through Saturdays.  In-person programming takes place in lower Fairfield County, CT., and online programming is available to all with internet connectivity. 


True to SOAR’s vision of programming designed to measurably engage, enlighten, and uplift, each week will be associated with an elevated theme around which programs are centered (ie. Believe, Pay it Forward, Thrive, Stronger Together).  SOAR’s programming embraces the precept of inclusion both by being available to those of varying backgrounds as well as learning about and celebrating different cultures and ways of life.  As such, SOAR themes will also highlight months honoring specific groups and teach participants about holidays throughout the year.

Online GIGS:  Each online GIG will be held via Zoom and co-hosted by SOAR Staff along with instructors across a variety of subject matter, including: art, music, dance, cooking, cultural history/celebrations, animal/nature visits, and guided tours.  The optimal size for an online GIG is 15-30 participants, which allows ample opportunity for individuals to share and participate while providing enough time for instructors to address their subject matter.  Activities will last for 45-50 minutes and wrap up with a 5-10 minute “SOAR Session” led by the Founder to conclude each gathering with guided discussions focused on engagement and mood elevation. 


Learn more about our Online GIGS


In-Person GIGS:   Gatherings will be held in Lower Fairfield County several times each week to fill an important role of connecting with others face-to-face in an environment specifically created for those who may otherwise have limited access to group activities and social engagements.   Gatherings will focus on SOAR’s acronym of four categorical needs -- Social, Occupational, Artistic, and Recreational.  Activities will last for 60-90 minutes on-average and many will include a “SOAR Session” check-in targeting mood elevation.

Learn more about our In-Person GIGS

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