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Gathering In Groups 


SOAR’s online and in-person classes are referred to in-short as GIGS (Gathering In Groups). It's way more fun to say and we always aim for our classes to feel like playing in a band rather than classroom learning.


In-person GIGS are held throughout Fairfield County several times each week to fill an important role of connecting with others face-to-face in an environment specifically created for those who may otherwise have limited access to group activities and social engagements. Gatherings focus on SOAR’s four categorical needs - Social, Occupational, Artistic, and Recreational.

SOAR Together In-Person Gatherings

SOAR Soothes

“SOAR Soothes” are in-person gatherings aimed at providing calming, therapeutic activities such as art, music, and animal-assisted therapy.  Gatherings will focus on instruction in the given subject matter as well as engagement, expression, and connection.

SOAR Satisfies

“SOAR Satisfies” are in-person gatherings centered on cooking and nutrition, which may include a cooking class taught by a local chef, a visit to a local farm to learn about vegetable gardening, or a class held at a local library by a nutritionist.   

SOAR Together In-Person Gatherings
SOAR Together In-Person Gatherings

SOAR Serves

SOAR Serves are gatherings focused on the importance of serving others and the joy it brings both those who give and receive. SOAR has already begun its Flower Power program, through which floral arrangements are created and delivered to those in-need of uplifting.

SOAR Strolls

“SOAR Strolls” are in-person gatherings geared towards recreation/movement to provide participants important opportunities to engage in physical activity and experience the outdoors with others. Participants will gather at local parks and beaches to spend time moving together and bonding in natural environments.    

SOAR Together In-Person Gatherings
SOAR Together In-Person Gatherings

SOAR Socials

“SOAR Socials” are scheduled as less structured gatherings to help provide opportunities for social connection in the evenings and on weekends, such as gathering at a coffee shop, ice cream parlor, music concert, or book signing.

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