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Team SOAR Together

Changing Lives One Connection At A Time

There are so many ways to help raise funds to keep SOAR's mission moving forward
and the social needle heading in the right direction -  the only limit is your imagination!


Gather friends and family to be part of your Team Together, aiming for 6-10 members.  Get synched-up on an email strand and schedule a launch Zoom to get everyone dialed-in and committed to playing active roles in whatever fundraiser(s) you choose.  Set a team goal if it helps and assign roles – corporate sponsors, event planning, day-of event participation, email/letter campaign, social media/communications, awareness-building. 

From restaurant outings and bake sales to fun runs/rides and other sports-related gatherings, speed friending events to campus and workplace group activities and creative challenges. It could be events in restaurants with proceeds, trivia, or auctions, spin class sponsorships, neighborhood cook-offs.


With your leadership, SOAR will continue to touch thousands of lives, people will continue to connect and heal, stories will be shared and conversations to reduce stigma and raise awareness will take place. You will change and save lives. 


SOAR Together is on a mission to change life outcomes one social engagement at a time. 

Email us at to become a Captain on Team SOAR Together 



SOAR Together, Inc.

110 Seventy Acre Road

Redding, CT 06896


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