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Virtual Gatherings (GIGS)

Each Virtual Gathering, which we call a GIG "Gathering in Groups" is held via Zoom and co-hosted by the SOAR Team along with instructors across a variety of subject matter, including: healthy cooking, music, animal visits, dance, cultural celebrations, and guided tours. Each activity concludes with a "SOAR Session," a guided discussion focused on engagement and elevating moods.


"Christopher's Connections"

We are dedicating all virtual programming beginning in 2024 to a SOAR family member, Christopher Hynes, for whom connecting with us online is one of his significant means of social connection. He is brilliant, intuitive, passionate about cooking, art, and color, and brings a deeper sense of community to us all when he and his mom join our GIGS.  They as a family have helped us hone and better our program design, delivery, and methods of communicating with those who use adaptive devises and have unique needs.  Christopher helps us learn and grow and we are so grateful to him and his parents for helping us all feel more connected and a greater sense of belonging. 





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Cooking GIGS

SOAR's cooking GIGS are epic if we do say so ourselves. We have so much fun in the kitchen together, you'd hardly know we weren't all in the same place (save for the smells/taste for which we are convinced we can create an app). We send out/post the recipe in-advance, and highly suggest you try the recipes at home.  We lean in the direction of healthy cooking, but there is no shortage of fun and fun-to-eat food on the SOAR cooking GIG menu. 


Our first in the Series of healthy nutrition tips and best kitchen practices created by none other than SOAR's all-time favorite cooking hostess with the absolute mostess -- Lisa Finn. Lisa's nuanced knowledge, helpful tips, and the ease with which she shares them while keeping her audiences engaged with her and one another are her trademarks. It's an incredible art, to combine one's talents in the kitchen with a delivery that sparks enthusiasm and social connections. Lisa is forever humble about her talents, yet is changing (and ultimately saving) lives through her healthy eating classes in an environment she creates of positivity, inclusion, and social connection.


Music GIGS

Whether it's a mean game of "Name That Tune," an at-home dance party, or a joy-filled hour of listening to songs by the decade (and singing along if you'd like), SOAR's music GIGS always aim high and shoot high to be memorable and full of laughter.

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Animal Visit GIGS

There is nothing quite like a SOAR Animal Visit GIG to get you up close and personal with horses as if you're right there with them. We never, ever tire of visiting farms and zoos, again with instructors who have led us on many an awesome and therapeutic journey on Zoom. 

Dance GIGS

We love to dance! And dancing on Zoom is a blast because you are technically dancing in the privacy of your own home with the benefit of not actually being alone.  Plus, SOAR's Zooms exist in a judgement-free zone, so you can knock your socks off and do nothing but allow for everyone else to do the same.  Plus, our instructors rock and have tons of experience teaching on Zoom, so they bring the whole experience to life.

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