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Flower Power Restaurant Hour

WHAT IT IS: Flower Power Restaurant Hour is the flower arrangement delivery service provided by SOAR Together to restaurants across Fairfield County that want to increase their ambiance and uplift moods of patrons and staff while supporting the dual mission of a nonprofit to help end epidemic levels of loneliness and reducing flower waste in landfills.  There is a win-win-win in the model.

SOAR fills a gap in the supply chain of flower sales, ensuring flowers that can no longer be sold, along with their packaging, circulate back out to the community. Learn more about SOAR's Flower Rescue Program. 


  • SOAR rescues flowers and cuts/cleans/arranges them as refreshed bouquets which are delivered to restaurants on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule

  • SOAR provides vases and "Spark cards" which are placed at tables to explain the benefits of the program while noting fun facts about flowers and colors which encourages dialogue among diners   

  • Diners are taught about the cathartic nature of flowers while also learning about the restaurant's commitment to best environmental and sustainability practices, which encourages and produces regular patronage. 


  • Research from the Netherlands shows diners are in a more relaxed mood and enjoy their meals more when fresh flowers are on the table.

  • Research from Rutgers University shows flowers help people create better emotional connections with friends/family due to mood- enhancing properties

  • Research from Japan shows physiological benefits of looking at flowers for as little as four minutes

  • Research from the U.S. shows flowers enhance memories for older adults


  • Help end epidemic levels of loneliness

  • Reduce carbon footprint/flower waste

  • Fresh, rescued flowers delivered regularly

  • Support local nonprofit’s mission

  • Encourage and uplift community

  • Increase social engagements at and between tables

  • Improve employee mood/morale

  • Entice new patrons

COST: The cost is $5 per individual cup-sized arrangement and $10 per vase-sized bouquet.  

CONTACT: Reach out to us any time at or 203-81-6141 to join the mission.

A HUGE thank you to SOAR's Partners.  Please help support them as they support our communities:

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An electric aspect of SOAR's "Sparking" is when we provide corporate teams the capacity to bond and grow together while aligning both individual purpose with corporate community commitment. It's a win-win to bolster employee confidence in their company's empathic spirit while providing them with an opportunity to enjoy creative, fun, non-work time with colleagues. We are the glue that binds, the cog in the wheel for their creations to help change and save lives.

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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