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Together CT Project

SOAR Together is helping launch the "Together CT Project," a community-led effort across zip codes to end epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation in Connecticut. The project is aimed at facilitating connections between organizations, towns, and cities to help service providers learn from existing social services programming.  The goal is to replicate, adapt, and expand on successful programs to reach residents across the state.  The mission is to end epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation in Connecticut while addressing their root causes. Loneliness and social isolation, as two disparate yet interrelated measures of an individual's social-emotional-health quality of life, are gripping Connecticut residents, as they are taking a literal life toll on communities across our country and around the world. 

The Together CT Project Partners are made up of organizations, programs, and entities committed to intiatives or progams with a specific emphasis on reducing loneliness and social isolation. Those with existing programs which directly address loneliness and social isolation or root causes in the realms of mental and physical health, substance abuse, housing and job insecurity, and lack of access to care and representation are asked to be "Partner Spotlights" who share best practices and lessons learned with others across towns and cities who are eager to address the immediate and long-term needs of their community members.  


Whether Connecticut becomes a "Compassionate State" under the auspices of the International Charter for Compassion movement, or we evolved into a "movement" more than a "project" and simply call it "Together CT," the nomenclature matters less than the actions taken by community constituents, from elected officials to local/regional nonprofits to private sector companies willing to step up, lean in, and help fund innovative programming in their communities. 


It will take the proverbial village so often referenced in the nonprofit and political arenas, perhaps a small but mighty and impactful group of individuals and agencies to demand the change we are all talking so much about yet have done less by way of actual execution. The time is now.  The crisis is on our doorsteps and in our households.  The epidemic is real and the outcomes are heartbreaking and unbearable.  


What we are hearing from community members is that "Enough" could likely be our motto and rallying cry.  We go back to our roots as community organizers with a passion for social and economic development and say to all who will listen, "We can do this."  We won't move mountains in a day, but we have innovative and dynamic programs across the state that few know about outside of a given zip code which can save lives of those in others.

Please join us on this journey as we gather steam, rally like-minded souls and like-missioned community members, agencies, and entities who will act on the change we so desperately need here in Connecticut and beyond.  Email us today at to learn how to get involved. 

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