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About SOAR

SOAR Together, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Fairfield County, Connecticut


Grounded in proven research that a positive correlation exists between social connection and feelings of belonging, SOAR’s in-person and virtual programs serve those at risk of loneliness and social isolation through active engagement.  While the cure for loneliness and social isolation is social engagement, there are nuances to the degree engagement is beneficial to individuals based on unique needs and personal limitations -- SOAR exists to help people find their own contented place of social connection.

Our Name

Our Mission

SOAR is an acronym which stands for the four interrelated categories of needs the organization and its specific programmatic designs meet: Social, Occupational, Artistic, and Recreational. 

Who We Serve

First and foremost, SOAR serves anyone who seeks out our services due to feelings of loneliness and/or being socially isolated.  In terms of populations SOAR regularly serves, they include those at highest-risk of social isolation and loneliness, including: older adults, those in hospice/palliative care, adults with disabilities, patients in treatment, at-home caregivers, and students/young adults struggling with social isolation due to personal/life challenges.

SOAR’s mission is to end epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation through innovative in-person and online programming as well as community partnerships which promote social engagement and a sense of belonging for at-risk populations.

Our Vision

SOAR's vision is to measurably improve the health and wellness of individuals in need of social connection through unique, novel programming and collaborative partnerships designed to include, engage, enlighten, and uplift.

Our Core Values

How We Partner

Love – we believe love is the most fundamental core value and the foundation of all things good                      

Dignity – we believe everyone should be treated with respect and honored for who they are

Responsibility – we believe each one of us has a role to play in protecting the earth and each other

Belonging – we believe everyone should feel they belong and are loved

Service – we believe in the power of service to help others while enhancing one’s sense of self

Kindness – we believe change happens one act of kindness at a time, no matter how big or small

Our Model

"We're in it Together" Today's reality is that most people know what it feels like to struggle with feelings of loneliness.  The SOAR team feels strongly that those empathic feelings of understanding make for the perfect people to help move our mission forward, as serving others has proven time and again to positively correlate to uplifted moods and increased self-esteem.  It's a simple model in terms of execution and delivery with complex outcomes in terms of healing on the part of the giver and receiver.  Those in cancer treatment making arrangements to deliver to shelters for those facing housing insecurity?  Absolutely.  Kids feeling socially isolated in school settings putting flower arrangements together to go out for a weekly delivery to a skilled nursing facility or to those in their own families and neighborhoods?  Again, the answer is absolutely.  

Awareness-Building/Advocacy/Grassroots Community Partnerships/Public-Private:

Given the size and scope of SOAR's mission which impacts individuals across every demographic, from age to race to geography to income, the only way to dial down epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation locally and to-scale is for SOAR to partner with community constituents and organizations (nonprofits, businesses, schools, after school programs, healthcare providers) that are serving those most at-risk of loneliness, social isolation, or both. SOAR is constantly seeking out those with like missions, those whose program delivery is innovative and energetic, and those whose passion to serve others shines through in everything they say and do.

Our Programs

SOAR’s online and in-person programs are referred to as “GIGS” (Gathering In Groups), which is a fun nod to music "gigs" as always enjoyable, energetic, dance-worthy, and full of laughter and people being their most authentic versions of themselves.

SOAR's signature program is called "Flower Power," through which flowers are rescued from grocers, florists, and farms, arranged in easy-to-transport white recyclable cups with SOAR's signature phrase, "You are Loved" inked on each, and delivered back into the community to those in need of a smile, uplift, and social connection.  Additional programs include: Social Seats, SOAR Strolls, and Zoom GIGS (music, cooking/nutrition, animal visits).

Help us SOAR Today!

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