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Family-Friends Flower Power 


An energy-boosting experiential workshop for colleagues to enjoy time together while immersed in the cathartic and colorful world of flowers and inspirational Spark Cards.     


Flower Power Gatherings are engaging and insightful opportunities to connect, learn, and bond, all while serving the greater community together to put an end to a devastating social and health epidemic. This win-win model of both creator and recipient experiencing uplifted moods and a greater sense of connection and belonging marks SOAR Together's unique approach to programming. It correlates to exponential, positive outcomes and is proving to change lives with each and every social engagement. 


  • Groups schedule 2-hour workshops with the SOAR team to learn how to create uplifting and healing arrangements through knowledge gained about floral varieties and the physiological impacts of color on mood to help reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation while rolling up ones sleeves and digging into SOAR's carbon footprint-reducing Flower Rescue model.  

  • With uplifting stories and lessons on how to "Spark" those in your life with affirming messages and gestures of social connection and belonging, attendees leave with several Flower Power arrangements to deliver out in the community themselves, dozens more on their way to local assisted living centers, shelters, and nonprofits in-need, and steps on how to play an actionable role in furthering SOAR's mission of ending epidemic levels of social isolation and loneliness.

  • Attendees are taught about the cathartic nature of flowers while also learning about SOAR's commitment to one of its core values of creating an environmentally responsible Flower Rescue model.  SOAR fills a gap in the supply chain of flower sales, ensuring flowers that can no longer be sold, along with their packaging, circulate back out to the community. Learn more about SOAR's Flower Rescue Program.


  • Each Flower Power arrangement has the capacity to spark a smile and change a life. Flowers are viscerally uplifting, evoke memories, and bring smiles to everyone who spends time around them and receives them. SOAR's signature phrase, "You Are Loved" is inked on each cup, a message specifically chosen to infuse all of those who read the phrase as arrangement creator or recipient.

  • The meaning of time spent together as a group is tremendous, with a shared sense of belonging and purpose, both with positive health correlations for attendees. Both creators and recipients of Flower Power arrangements feel a reduction in loneliness and social isolation. 

  • Increased social bonding with deeper relationship roots is a natural and measured outcome when family and friend groups are provided time to give back together. Groups select their Flower Power recipients, further allowing bonding over a shared sense of supporting local nonprofit/agency missions.

COST: The cost is $25/participant and groups can be any size from 3-25.  The SOAR Team donates their time facilitating the gatherings to keep costs down.  Participant fees help cover supplies and flower transportation as well as supporting SOAR's "Flower Power Teen Team" Program and outreach to create partnerships in the floral industry and with organizations and communities most in-need of uplifting social connection. 

CONTACT: Reach out to us any time at to schedule a Flower Power Gathering.

A HUGE thank you to SOAR's Partners.  Please help support them as they support our communities:


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The electric aspect of SOAR is when we give our younger generation the reins on Flower Power and watch their tremendous capacity to naturally and empathically create change as those who know precisely how it feels to be both lonely and isolated.  We are the glue that binds, the cog in the wheel for their brilliant creations and on-hand to help them naturally become next generation leaders....

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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