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Lavender is harvested by-hand at The Seymour Farm in Ridgefield, CT and generously donated to SOAR Together by the Wooters Family. The colors of their combined logos create purple, a blend of the electric energy inherent in Seymour Farms' red and the calming stability of SOAR's blues.  It is not only the color of the lavender flowers themselves, but aptly denotes dignity, wisdom, and pride --  all traits SOAR's programming aims to infuse in its participants.

"Lavender Love" Sachets

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  • Fresh English lavender is harvested by-hand, then dried, trimmed, and carefully placed by the spoonful into 3"x4" white organza bags.  Ample flowers are placed in each sachet for lasting aromatic and healing properties, along with a pop of beautiful lavender color.

    Each sachet is hand-filled with the same loving touch The SOAR Team puts into creating their unique Flower Power arrangements.

  • The Medium product option means TWO Lavender Love Sachets for $15. 

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