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Inclusive Opportunity

With a fundamental belief in inclusion and belonging as core to SOAR's mission of ending epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation, we actively seek individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or underrepresented for paid employment and volunteer service hours. 


The SOAR team, both paid and volunteer, is comprised of uniquely talented and positively contributing individuals who all face life and health challenges representative of our population who all struggle with challenges to some level and varying degree.


We embrace, admire, and want to engage team members who feel they can be open about their struggles and use their natural empathy and inherent understanding of those we serve and all whose lives we are seeking to change through positive social connections.

So many individuals and families in our communities are one healthcare emergency, one unforeseen household expense, or one automobile malfunction away from financial our housing insecurity.  Others are contending with daily trials inherent in reentry, relocation, and mental/physical/intellectual challenges which leave gaps or lack of employment opportunities and ongoing cycles of loss and disappointment which only deepen our epidemic crisis of loneliness, social isolation, and economic hardship.  


The team at SOAR Together wants those who are looking for work and service opportunities that present them with the chance to shine, grow, show, and lead to reach out and connect with us so we can be a part of your journey of connecting, belonging, and sustaining.  


Please feel free to reach out directly to the SOAR Together Founder, Ginger Smith, at to touch base about a paid or volunteer opportunity.  This is an extremely important personal mission and integral to SOAR's community ministry. 

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