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SOAR's Name

SOAR’s Name:   SOAR is an acronym which stands for the four interrelated categories of needs the organization and its specific programmatic designs meet: Social, Occupational, Artistic, and Recreational. 

  • “Social” as a category is multi-faceted, including the more global notion of all SOAR programming that inherently meets social-emotional needs as well as actual programs intended as relaxed social time for participants to gather together.

  • “Occupational” is a reference to daily occupational needs addressed by SOAR’s instruction in subjects such as cooking and nutrition, while also a nod to employment as the fulfillment of a different set of occupational and social needs (for which we will partner with agencies who provide employment services). 

  • “Artistic” underscores a significant emphasis on the value of artistic expression and exposure as vehicles for profound connection, engagement, and healing (which includes an array of programming, from online art classes to in-person group gatherings to listen to orchestral music).

  • “Recreational” encompasses all activities pertaining to movement, from online Zumba classes to in-person beach walks (otherwise known as “SOAR Strolls”).  

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