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Community Sparking

WHAT IT IS:  SOAR's Community Sparking Program is part of our fabric of compassion and mission of ending epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation in our extended community. 


Whether gifting Flower Power arrangements and Spark Cards to unexpected community members joyful to receive them as they go about their day, dropping off weekly batches to local libraries and healthcare agencies, providing an intergenerational workshop at a place of worship, or delivering arrangements to local nonprofits on behalf of a SOAR Youth Flower Power Team, we are always on-the-go aiming for purposeful social engagement and the gifting of colorful floral arrangements, uplifting cards, and our signature message of, "You are Loved." 

BENEFITS: Social connection is a directly correlative cure for loneliness and social isolation, and as we don't always know who is struggling under the grips of one or both (along with their potentially devastating  physical, mental, and spiritual health impacts), positive social encounters spark moments of joy, a sense of belonging, and elevated moods which positively impact health and carry over into the recipients subsequent social interactions. 


We don't always know who is struggling in the silent grips of this epidemic, thus while we know we can't be all things to all people, we never tire of being a vehicle for change, a glue that helps bind, a door of communication open where one was closed, a spark of light in someone's darkness.  We are all-in and completed signed up to meet this epidemic face to face and conquer it with love.

Thank you to our Flower Rescue Program Partners. Please support them as they support our communities:


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The electric aspect of SOAR is when we give our younger generation the reins on Flower Power and watch their tremendous capacity to naturally and empathically create change as those who know precisely how it feels to be both lonely and isolated.  We are the glue that binds, the cog in the wheel for their brilliant creations and on-hand to help them naturally become next generation leaders....

-Ginger Smith, SOAR Together Founder

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