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SOAR Sparks

Sparking connections, conversations, and engagement

At SOAR, we call our volunteers Sparks. Sparks play an important and integral role on the SOAR team, as the epidemic of loneliness and isolation can only be overcome through systemic programmatic outreach on a consistent basis by a dedicated team of community members. 

SOAR provides training to ensure Sparks have the knowledge and skills necessary to best meet the needs of those contending with loneliness, from conversational techniques and engagement best practices to creating Flower Power arrangements aimed at uplifting and engaging.

We are passionate about engaging volunteers who may be personally experiencing loneliness and isolation, as service to others correlates to increased feelings of belonging and meaning in one’s life - the ultimate win-win.

We are creating a Sea of Sparks and if you’d like to join the SOAR team, we would love to have you help us end this epidemic, one social spark and one smile at a time.


Please reach out to us at to learn more about becoming a SOAR Spark.

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