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Help End the Epidemic

Join SOAR's Mission in 2024

The fact that loneliness was designated an epidemic by the  US Surgeon General in 2023 isn’t altogether surprising, yet it doesn’t make its reality any less devastating. The COVID-19 pandemic pulled back the veil of what daily life looks like for millions of Americans on a personal basis. Life can be lonely, exceedingly lonely, and the outcomes from a physical and mental health toll are staggering and upwards of 36B per year in healthcare costs which doesn't reflect the personal and human cost. 

The uplifting news is there are concrete solutions and proven avenues to ending this social and health epidemic.  It will take a passionate and systematic commitment on the part of service providers and communities led by passionate individuals, yet the outcomes can absolutely be reversed with each positive social connection.


SOAR Together is on a mission to overcome social isolation one social engagement at a time. 

Join us by becoming a member of The Founder's Flock. 

The Togetherness Movement

We are honored to be called to bring joy, improved health, countless smiles and moments of laughter to those who need it the most.  It’s an incredible challenge only met through by those who become part of a grassroots Togetherness Movement.


The time is now to end this social and health epidemic.  We must do it together for lives to be changed today with measurable and visible rippled effects felt for generations to come.



SOAR Together, Inc.

110 Seventy Acre Road

Redding, CT 06896


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